SES Supports Hyperion Racing

November 04, 2017

Stackpole Engineering Services is a proud supporter of Hyperion Racing, a team of engineering students from Pillai Institute of Information and Technology, India. Formed in 2013, Hyperion Racing is new to the FSAE scene but have already participated in several FSAE events, including the Formula Student Germany 2014 and the Formula Design Challenge 2015 in Coimbatore, India.

Hyperion Racing is comprised of students from mechanical, automobile, and electronic engineering and is striving to create the best race car possible, competing in design, racing, and marketing. Hyperion’s mission statement, however, shows that they are also looking to educate their members: “To enhance the knowledge base of the members and to bridge the gap between theoretical and practical knowledge by providing a hands on approach to building a car.

Since Hyperion Racing’s creation and the completion of their first Formula car, the HRT-01, they have participated in the Formula Student German 2014 Registration Quiz, placing 2nd in India and 5th Worldwide. They also competed in the Formula Design Challenge 2015 in Coimbatore, India, placing 10th overall out of 36 teams. Individually, Hyperion Racing placed 9th in design, 8th in cost, and 25th in business.

At the time of writing, Hyperion is currently preparing for Formula Student India 2016 and the Formula Student German 2016 with their next Formula car, the HRT-02. For more information on Hyperion Racing, check out their website at