The new benchmark software for tire data plotting, analysis, and tire model fitting by Stackpole Engineering.


SES-AgileTire™ is the new benchmark software for tire data plotting, analysis, and tire model fitting. Easy-to-use production software that eliminates the need for complicated engineering tools that are not purpose built for tire data analysis. SES-AgileTire™ supports both raw tire test data analysis and fitted tire model analysis. The data can be displayed with 2D charting, optional regression fitting, and test data/tire model overlays. SES-AgileTire™ also serves as a tire inventory tool, saving imported data into the SES-AgileTire™ database to share with others, archive, or inventory purposes.

Highlighted Features:

 Ability to import data from any format.  Import/Export plugin support.
 Plotting analysis of Tire Test data.  Plotting analysis of Tire Models.
 Overlay of Tire Test and Model data.  User definable math channels.
 User definable display units.  Moving average filtering.
 Ascending and descending sweep filtering  Polynomial fit regression.
 Series offsetting.  Custom Workbooks.



Tire Test Data

SES-AgileTireā„¢ ships with the ability to plot raw tire test data using supplied or custom templates. The template provides speed and accuracy when importing any type of data by keeping the units, coordinate systems, sign conventions, and naming consistent. While the program is capable of reading any delimited data, it is purpose built to interpret tire datasets. Loaded data can be organized based on test type, such as Cornering, Drive/Brake, etc. Some analysis scenarios might include:

  • Tire test data validation.
  • Tire characteristic analysis.
  • Tire behavior research.
  • Wheel force transducer results analysis and overlays.

Tire Data Storage

SES-AgileTire™ utilizes a SQL database for all data storage needs. This database can be local to a user, or central to an entire organization. Database storage has many benefits including:

  • Data Consistency and Integrity.
  • Secure and Private as each user has a different set of access.
  • Easy access to data and easy backup/recovery.
  • Access to data from any location in the world.
  • Advanced Data Import Algorithm allows user to import from almost any format using user developed templates.

Plugin API

SES-AgileTire™ includes the ability to import and export data to and from other processes. Integrate directly into your organization's workflow. Plugin support allows organizations to import data in any format. Plugins also allow for integration of Agile directly into the organization's process and Import data from a file, SQL, Web Service,etc. No developers on staff, no problem! Contact Stackpole Engineering to create your custom plugins!



SES-AgileTire™ includes the concept of an analysis Workbook. This capability allows the user to create a predetermined template of common graphs and page layouts that expedites the data analysis process.


Tire Models

SES-AgileTire™ ships with the ability to import and modify tire models. Tire models can be overlaid with the data it was fit from for fit quality checking. Currently Supported Models:

 MFCTyre11  MF51
 MF52  MF6.0
 MF6.1  MF6.2
 PAC96  PAC02

Math Channels

SES-AgileTire™ allows for the creation of custom channels for raw tire datasets.

  • Import and export math channel templates
  • Test Types filter allows for filtering based on tire testing
  • Add math channels by utilizing the math channel selector from the context menu of the tire

Let Us Show You SES-AgileTire™

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